What’s in the boxes?

As mentioned in my previous post, X-Men material accounts for the bulk of the content. Uncanny X-Men and X-Men are well-represented; of the 800+ issues of the two titles, I currently own somewhere in the region of 600 (although that total does include trade paperbacks). Another highlight is the entirety of Brian K. Vaughan’s Ultimate X-Men, an excellent run that ranks amongst the best the line has ever seen. Also present: several miniseries, including X-Men: Deadly Genesis and X-Men: Phoenix – Endsong.

As for the rest, there’s a fair chunk of the first 50 issues of The Walking Dead (which will probably be making their way to eBay in the near future, given the success of the TV show); a significant proportion of Ultimate Spider-man; around 50 issues or so of Amazing Spider-man, starting from the Brand New Day relaunch; and all eight issues of Secret Invasion. Not the most eclectic mix, especially considering the odds and ends that I’ve accumulated over the years, but plenty enough to keep me busy.