Adventures in Improbable Anatomy #27,391

Oh comics.

I was catching up on my pull list when I came across this image in Batman Eternal #9Guillem March is just trolling us all at this point, right? He doesn’t actually believe this to be an accurate representation of human anatomy?

Or being more charitable, the pressures of a weekly title meant he didn’t have sufficient time to fix this one image in an otherwise largely acceptable issue.

Or being less charitable, he just can’t keep his cheesecake tendencies under control – certainly there are a couple of other images in this issue that lend credence to this theory.

As for Batman Eternal…yeah. 10 issues in and it isn’t exactly setting my world on fire. It manages to simultaneously feel as though too much and too little are happening – there’s plenty of plot threads, but few of them have been given any space to develop, and the focus of the last few issues has almost entirely been on the corrupt commissioner who wants Batman caught at all costs. Said commissioner is a dull in-the-pocket-of-the-bad-guys archetype, and there’s little sense of how the citizens of Gotham are affected by him choosing to ignore Carmine Falcone’s criminal activities. Professor Pyg’s character shifts with each appearance, as though the writing committee can’t get a handle on what Grant Morrison was aiming for. And the art is always blandly competent. The best description I can think of is workmanlike. If it was monthly I’d have dropped it ages ago; unless issues #11 and #12 represent a significant improvement I’m pretty sure I’m done.


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