Why we can’t have nice things:

This cover, guys. It’s just the worst. It’s the reason people are able to crack “parents-basement-dwelling-weirdo” jokes about comics readers without being completely wrong about it. It’s an adolescent masturbatory fantasy that’s an insult to all but the most stupid of 14 year olds. And any normal human being would be too filled with shame at the thought of handing this to a comicbook store employee to even contemplate buying it.

But pointing this out is anathema to some, as evidenced by the backlash Janelle Asselin received when she tore apart the awful cover to the new Teen Titans #1, another image that positions the main selling point of a title as “breasts.” In instances such as these, the knuckle-dragging element really do ruin things for everyone else, because as a collective we should’ve evolved beyond this nonsense years ago. Ask yourself this: would male characters ever be depicted in this manner? Of course not. And that’s why this cover deserves to be criticised.

The content of Chaos #1 doesn’t even matter. Comics is a medium where you’re invited to judge a book by its cover. This is clearly retrogade T&A awfulness aimed squarely at the worst elements of fandom. It contributes towards a negative perception of females – that they’re nothing but sexual objects to be lusted over – and an immature attitude towards sex, both of which are already far too prevalent within comics. The industry would be a better place without books like this on the shelves. Spend your money on something else.


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