Dream come true

Yes, the news that Dream Thief is returning for a second series is most welcome around these parts. Over five issues, writer Jai Nitz and artist Greg Smallwood span a compelling story starring John Lincoln. Stoner, womaniser, and grifter (although his worst crime [at least in the early going] is probably his use of the word “brah”), John’s decision to steal an Aboriginal mask from a museum ends up having unintended consequences, and he finds himself seeking revenge on behalf of the departed.

The concept felt fresh, and the execution marked Nitz and Smallwood out as emerging talents. So it’s nice to see Bleeding Cool throw some publicity its way. You can read the first issue for free and Nitz’s thoughts on both the first series and the future of the title here, and listen to an interview with Nitz here. Just in time for the release of the first  trade paperback! If the title flew under your radar when it was released last year, now is the perfect time to catch up. As for me, I’d better go see if I can’t dig the issues out from wherever they’re hiding.


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