The Return

“It didn’t begin as well as I’d hoped. Culture shocked, dripping in the heat, and unable to move in the ramshackle dream city streets of New Delhi without attracting a thousand touts offering water, shoe shines, or ear cleaning services, I’d never seen beggars with noses munched down to knotholes by leprosy.”

Grant Morrison, Supergods: Our World in the Age of the Superhero

The above is a great bit of synchronicity between my holiday and my holiday reading; the last month of my life was spent travelling around India, separated from my pull box and the news sites but still engaging my passion for comics.

“Passion” seems like a particularly important word. In Supergods, Morrison writes passionately and intelligently about the history of comics, charting a path from the origin of the superhero to the present day, whilst also recounting his own experiences as one of the medium’s leading lights. It’s a fun read. For all the reductive talk about what comics criticism should be (as though everyone writing about comics should follow a set template), if it engages with the subject in a way that is enjoyable to read it has probably justified its existence. That’s what I’ll be aiming to do throughout 2014, and given that one of my resolutions for the year is to post more frequently, hopefully I’ll be doing it on a semi-regular basis!


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