Rare indeed

Spotted today in the window display of an Oxfam charity shop: a copy of the Miracleman: The Golden Age collection by Neil Gaiman and Mark Buckingham. The price of £39.99, or roughly $61 for my American readers, is fairly reasonable given how difficult this is to get a hold of (indeed, a quick scan of eBay shows that some people want an absolute fortune for it). Having never read any Miracleman I must admit I’m tempted, although given that this is the fourth volume in the series I’ll probably demur.

In a tenuous segue, SDCC 2013 saw nothing in the way of big comicbook announcements, Marvelman/Miracleman-related or otherwise. In fairness that’s not a massive surprise, but the paucity of news means my plan to write about the event has been scuppered. Simply put: what is there to say? (other than “stop releasing new X-Men titles,” obviously).


One thought on “Rare indeed

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