What the Postman Bringeth! #4

Just the one delivery this time, but it’s a special one. Launched in October 2004, DC’s Solo was a bi-monthly anthology that gave some of the industry’s finest artists a 48 page platform to showcase their work. What this meant in practise was a handful of short stories that were eclectic both in style and genre. Some of the artists collaborated with writers whilst others went it alone; either way, the emphasis was firmly on their creative vision.

I’ve got an issue or two somewhere amidst my vast collection (the Darwyn Cooke and Jordi Bernet instalments, if memory serves), and remembered them fondly enough to order the collected edition the day after I learnt about its publication via The A.V. Club’s review. DC is sometimes all-too-easy to mock (not to mention fun to mock), but this deluxe edition hardcover is an absolutely beautiful release, and they should be commended for putting it out.

The artists featured are (deep breath) Tim Sale, Richard Corben, Paul Pope, Howard Chaykin, Darwyn Cooke, Jordi Bernet, Michael Allred, Teddy Kristiansen, Scott Hampton, Damion Scott, Sergio Aragones, and Brendan McCarthy. Which should be all the incentive you need to buy it!


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