Return to me

Father’s Day offered me a great reason to drop in on my folks, and with it a great reason to migrate some more of my comicbooks back to my flat. My parents were delighted to see even this relatively small chunk leave, whereas my partner started to get a terrifying sense of how vast my collection truly is. Just in time for us buying a house!

I still haven’t checked what comics are in the bags, as I wanted to save the surprise. But what of the loose comics?

There’s a fairly interesting selection, with plenty of material featuring Wolverine and Punisher. Aside from the 2004 Peter Milligan/Lee Weeks Wolverine/Punisher miniseries, there is a smattering of Mark Millar’s first run on Wolverine (with John Romita Jr on art), and a healthy chunk of Garth Ennis Punisher (including all six issues of Punisher: War Zone, which reunited him with Steve Dillon back in 2008).

There’s also plenty of material from Marvel’s Ultimate universe, covering Ultimates 2, Ultimate Fantastic Four, Ultimate Spider-man, Ultimate Extinction, Ultimate Elektra, and Ultimate Secret, which when listed like that points to an oversaturation I’ve never associated with the line. Ultimate Elektra? If only they’d kept things small and self-contained (and made Brian K. Vaughan write Ultimate X-Men forever).

And to round things off: eight issues of Venom, the title that helped put Daniel Way on the map (despite not being very good); nine issues of John Ostrander’s and Pascual Ferry’s Heroes for Hire, launched in 1996; five issues of Chris Claremont’s X-Men: The End monstrosity; two issues of Thunderbolts (one penned by Fabian Nicieza, one penned by Warren Ellis); and two issues of Kill Shakespeare. Of course, this is just a small sample of the delights I brought back with me.


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