In with the new

I have a routine down for my weekly trip to the local comicbook store. Well, not so much a routine as a list, which I usually try to keep to five titles. That was easy when I returned from my most recent lapse, as I was exclusively picking up Marvel NOW! launches, but now that I’m in deep it’s becoming more difficult. I also have to consider what DC, Image, and a raft of other publishers are putting out, looking for the next creator-owned hit or cult classic.

This week’s list changed moments before it was time to make the journey, with four new #1 issues being added at the last minute. I surprised myself with Superman Unchained; I’ve never been a massive fan of the character, and the four page foldout Bleeding Cool has been banging on about seems like the worst kind of gimmicky excess: the pointless kind. But it’s usually worth checking out the big events, if only to be part of the conversation.

As for the other titles, I read a couple of positive reviews of The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys and Six-Gun Gorilla and was quickly won over, whilst learning that The Crow: Curare was an entry in the police procedural/crime fiction genre was reason enough to pick it up. Three very different titles from three very different publishers, which should make for an eclectic reading session when I sit down with them.

(Also on this week’s list: Suicide Squad #21 and Wolverine and the X-Men #31. The “no more than five titles” rule is one I rarely end up sticking to).


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