Reasons for being

In the past, my blogging efforts were often hamstrung by a lack of focus; I failed to hone in on just one area because I wanted to write about whatever happened to be occupying my thoughts at that particular moment. As a result, I veered wildly from topic to topic, an approach that makes it difficult to build an audience.

This time, I’m keeping it simple. As the tagline says, this is one man’s journey through everything comics. I’ll be documenting my buying and selling efforts, as I attempt to plug holes in my collection and get rid of anything I deem surplus to requirements. I’ll post reviews of both new material and the stuff I’ve reread. I might even knock out a few essays, if I feel I have anything worth saying on the issues relevant to the industry.

And look at that, it’s taken me three posts to establish the premise. Meaning this post also doubles as a homage to 21st century superhero comics!


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